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To share wisdom on wellness, to break down barriers, encourage open, sometimes challenging conversations, providing resources and expertise.

To explore the different areas of wellness, creating personal, individual and unique experiences.

To bring local people together to share their experiences and build an inclusive support network. Empowering them by giving them the tools they need to improve their own lives and wellbeing

“The mission of Wisdom on Wellness is to build a trusted, supportive and knowledgeable community of
like-minded people, that can start conversations and build genuine connections, breaking the stigma and stereotype of the wellness industry, sharing knowledge and Wisdom on Wellness. Creating a unique, personal, supportive and safe experience for all of those willing to be involved.”

Meet the team-06.png

Founders Alix Bramwell and Mary Cox set up Wisdom on Wellness in 2022. Personal experiences with mental health, utilising holistic healing therapies, and conversation have helped them understand the real need for creating a safe space and community.

Alix Bramwell



Mary Cox



Mary has extensive experience of the wellness industry, which has all stemmed from her own personal healing journey of self-discovery, including yoga, meditation, energy healing, and psychic guidance. Through this journey, Mary learned the importance of alignment between her spiritual interests and her mental and physical health. What started as a personal interest has grown to become a strong passion and is perfectly complimented by her background in fashion business, events and education.


Mary graduated with a first in Fashion Business and Promotion. She is creative, and expresses this through her own established jewellery business, which she runs alongside WOW. Mary designs and makes her own exquisite pieces, working on commissions with healing crystals.


“I am proud that we have created an open space to encourage others to learn and share their Wisdom on Wellness, exploring what mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing means to them”

Alix has more than a decade of experience in the events industry. Having worked with some very well-known brands, event spaces and locations, he is very experienced when it comes to the operations of a large-scale event. During this time, Alix struggled with his own mental health which led him towards the holistic wellbeing industry. Through his experiences on this journey, he found peace. This was his motivation to create a safe space to bring together like-minded people to connect and celebrate physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


"Following the challenges of my own mental health journey, I want to inspire, open conversations and challenge stigma around mental wellbeing. Fundraising and awareness for the Grace Dear Trust, a charity very close to my heart, was also an important motivation for founding this project.” 

Wisdom on Wellness partners with The Grace Dear Trust, a Surrey based mental health charity. Founded by the Dear family after tragically losing their daughter and sister, Grace, to suicide aged just 27 in February 2017, their aim is to help save the lives of other young people suffering with mental health issues.

The money they raise funds seminars in schools, with guest speakers raising awareness about mental wellbeing, supporting and encouraging young people to speak up about their own mental health concerns.

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We are committed to, and very passionate about, reducing our environmental impact, being socially responsible and generally, being as kind to the environment around us as we possibly can be. This is a really important part of what we do and it is at the core of our activities, events and collaborations.

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