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New Year, Balanced You

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The start of a New Year can provide a great opportunity to realign yourself, to reflect on the previous year, and to set goals for the year ahead. It can also come with a lot of pressure and comparison, to reinvent yourself and to suddenly start hustling like you’ve never hustled before, following someone else’s incredible 20-step morning routine or begin training for a marathon...

Let's get back to nature for a minute.

Winter is often associated with a time of death, in the physical and spiritual sense. When we look to the natural world, January is a time when everything around us is still in deep hibernation. The leaves have fallen from the trees, there is less sunlight, the weather can be gloomy, and we are inclined to go inwards, reflect and live at a slower pace, bunkering down to prepare for the cold.

It goes against our instinct to incorporate newness in the depths of winter, and perhaps this could be why 43% of all people expect to fail their New Year’s Resolutions before February, and almost one out of four people quit within the first week of setting their New Year’s resolution.

If you aren’t feeling particularly motivated, or excited by the prospect of newness at the moment, you’re not alone.

Instead, Spring is a time that could reap more long-term benefits when incorporating new habits and change into your life, rather than following the Gregorian Calendar. Spring is a time of new beginnings, when we see new life in all areas; animals emerge from hibernation, flowers beginning to bloom, the days getting longer and things generally feeling a little more optimistic.

So go easy on yourself if your new workout routine, mindfulness practice or nutrition plan doesn’t quite last as long as you’d hoped for... March may bring about the motivation you need, aligning with the natural world around us.

This isn’t to say if you’re feeling motivated to change things right now not to go for it – each moment can be a chance to reinvent yourself or change bad habits. Just listen to your body, keep nourishing yourself and be patient.

We're all on our own journey.

It’s easy to compare yourself to what other people are doing. This January, try and focus on creating more balance in your life, reducing exposure to unnecessary things, activities, even people that don’t uplift you. Simplify things, rest, recuperate, make small changes. Do whatever works for you to make you feel balanced in 2023.

Wishing you peace, happiness and balance this year.

Come & share your Wisdom on Wellness x

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